Things to Look For in an Quality Outdoor Structure

There is so much hitting us today information wise that it is hard to put in the time that is needed to research all the things that are needed to know when you buy an outdoor structure.  This article is to help you consider the main elements that need to be present when selecting a new gazebo, garden shed, or pergola for your backyard.

Material of construction

There are many different types of materials that are used in the construction of outdoor structures today.  Some of them are outstanding while others leave much to be desired.

Plastic or Resin

As for moderate priced outdoor structures.  Most are made out of some type of resin material or plastic material that is made in a variety of colors and patterns.  This type of construction is easy to make and are usually imported from Asian because they can be made more cost effective overseas than here in the states. There are a couple major setbacks to consider when selecting this type of material for your outdoor pergola or garden shed.  Normally bolts do not hold tight and the structure will loosen up over time.  That just means you will have to re tighten the structure every once in a while.  Over time,  resin tends to get a dirty or dingy look and most people replace every 7 years or so.


Steel sheds are great looking to start with, but over time tend to rust, dent or sag and look shabby.  There are good quality steel sheds on the market that are made of aluminum or stainless steel, but the price of such sheds are out of reach for the average person wanting to construct this backyard structure behind their home.

The Natural choice is wood.  But there are many different types of woods to choose from and some have characteristics that are not favorable for quality project.

Pressure Treated Wood outdoor landscape design

Many of the pergolas and other outdoor structures are designed and built out of pressure treated wood material that is resistant to moisture and have an insect repellant water based chemical treated material in the wood.  For wood construction, it is inexpensive and readily available at most home centers. The major setback for most people is that it is a treated material and many are resisting having a chemical treated material around locations where people and children are interacting.  Secondly, the wood material that is treated is typically a much lower grade wood than you would find in a more quality outdoor structure made out of redwood or cedar.  Which in term will relate to a pressure treated wood structure not being as high quality as other material and will not last as long or look as good.

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